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Built on the principles of high-quality services at affordable prices, the lawn care team at The Cutting Edge delivers satisfaction with every commercial landscaping project we complete in Knoxville, TN. Our founders, Victor, and Taylor Phillips understand that first impressions are essential especially for business. Potential customers can be immediately put off by an unkempt, poor looking lawn and landscape. When these prospective clients walk on the grounds of a company and they are taken back by the landscaping and notice the attention to detail in the lawn care they are more likely to do business there.  

The Cutting Edge specialists are dedicated to helping you draw in more clientele by providing stellar commercial landscaping and lawn care for all Knoxville, TN businesses. Since 2011, we have been assisting companies in retaining curb appeal by maintaining their grounds and updating their landscaping throughout the year. Reach out to us today if you are noticing the lawn or landscaping in front of your storefront or office building is looking lazy and frazzled. We bring our superior knowledge of plant life and techniques on the best ways to take care of your commercial space to maximize and beautify your outdoor area. Our team is ready to help in your success as a local or national business by producing quality lawn and landscaping services to Knoxville and surrounding areas, Oak Ridge, Karns, and Powell.   

Lawn and Landscape Services from The Cutting Edge

The team at The Cutting Edge pays very close attention to detail with your lawn and landscaping services. We are a full-service care team offering many different services so we can be your one-stop shop for the upkeep of your outside aesthetics. We also offer maintenance packages and á la carte services so we can tailor your exact needs and not charge you for services that aren’t warranted or would go unneeded at your office or storefront. We come equipped to handle any job and any landscape. We keep constant sharp blades for mowing, carry string trimmers for places inaccessible by those mowers, and edging tools to maintain clean lines along your sidewalks, driveways, and curb lines. There is no need to worry about overgrowth in any zone of your space. Here are the services our team will execute to keep the flora around your business clean, healthy, and always looking beautiful 

  • Landscape Maintenance  
  • Landscape Improvements  
  • Lawn Care 
  • Tree Care 
  • Pruning  
  • Irrigation 
  • Snow and Ice Management  
  • Multi-property Services 

Protect and Invest in Your Knoxville, TN Landscape 

No two properties in Knoxville, TN are the same. Even if you share a comparable size and shape of lawn, we can customize it and help it stand apart from others that seem similar by installing beautiful landscapes that match you and your business’s personality.  Investing in your property’s lawn landscape will draw outside potential customers into your business and give your employees pride when they walk in daily. No corners get cut while we set up your lawn and landscaping. We can even set up an irrigation system to help keep your grass green and your flowers, bushes, and seedling trees watered and gorgeous in between our visits. We also keep the same team of lawn and landscape specialists attached to each project and yard. They know your yard, and more importantly, they know you. Here are some of the personalized services you will receive from our professionals:  

  • Mulching 
  • Bed Edging  
  • Drainage 
  • Hillside Trimming 
  • Spring and Fall Cleanup  
  • And many more…  

Cutting Edge Builds Relationships and Offers Great Prices

We aim to build relationships with the other business owners in Knoxville, TN, and surrounding areas and by assigning them the same property throughout the years, you will always know your specialist at The Cutting Edge. You can shop around for other prices, but our current clients have proclaimed that our prices are fair for the excellent services we provide for their lawn and landscaping needs. We deliver on what we promise each and every time we maintain your outdoor space. If someone does offer better services for a lower price, we would like to know, but we haven’t had it happen yet in the almost ten years we have been in business with Knoxville, TN, and neighboring city’s commercial spaces.  

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If you require assistance taking care of your Knoxville, TN lawn and landscape or you wish to have a professional come out and help design your property to better support your appearance, call us at The Cutting Edge. Our team of lawn and landscaping service providers has studied the local area, and we train them to deal with all the changes in the season. You will never get treatments or services that will hinder the appearance of your outside investment. We understand the important effect the look of your lawn can have on your business and will maintain it to help bring in more business and keep the steady flow of your customers. They will look in awe as they visit your space.   

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