Landscape Installation and Maintenance Services in Knoxville, TN

A man during landscape installation services in Knoxville, TNLandscape Installation – May include turf, shrubs, flower/plant beds, trees, some hard landscaping and more.

Irrigation – Installation and maintenance.

Lawn Installation and Rejuvenation – Laying down turf/seed and topsoil; various types of sod/seed available.

Landscape Removal – Clearing plantings, hedges, etc. in preparation for new installations.

Lawn Mowing – Trimming the grass to give the lawn a healthy, smooth and uniform appearance.

Spring and Fall Cleanup – Spring: Clearing dead leaves, plants, broken branches and other debris, sharpening edges on bed and curbs that may be untidy, etc. Fall: Tree and hedge trimming, final leaf and debris removal, and doing general maintenance to prep for winter.

Pruning – Cutting away dead and overgrown limbs and stems.

Hedge Trimming – Cutting away extra growth and straightening uneven sides to leave hedges looking clean and neat.

Mulching – Putting materials with the right pH balance around trees, shrubs and flower beds to protect against weeds, help retain water and encourage growth.

Weeding – Removing unwanted plants both by hand and with a weed cutter.

Fertilizing – Applying of the proper amount of “plant food” to promote growth and flowering in turf and plants.

Aerating – Removing plugs of soil to loosen it so oxygen, water and nutrients can enter the ground.

Overseeding – Applying more seeds to a lawn to increase its density.

Winterizing – Can include fertilizing after the turf is dormant, aerating, draining irrigation systems and clearing leaves and dead grass.

Bed Edging – Giving a clearly defined edge to flower beds with a hand spade.

Select tree work – May include pruning, grooming, fertilizing and mulching.

Stump grinding – Using a powered grinder to grind stumps to below the ground surface level.

Drainage – Adding gradation to lawns to direct rainwater appropriately.

Hillside Trimming – Cutting grass or plants on difficult slopes.

Select hard landscaping – Limited installation of brick, paving stones, gravel or the like.

If you are unsure what services you need, we will be pleased to discuss them with you and present you with options to consider. We have done it all, from landscape installation for new construction to complete landscape rejuvenation for existing entities, to overall maintenance and grounds-keeping, so it’s likely we can help you identify the services that will be most suitable for your unique situation. There’s no charge, so give us a call! 865-382-1465 or contact us through this Web site.

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